What is an Email Marketing Automation Platform

An Email Marketing Automation Platform is an extended Email Autoresponder with multiple touch points for a marketing campaign. It serves the purpose of sending emails to customers, allow marketers to nurture their prospects and even assist in repetitive tasks.

How many contacts can I use

While most email marketing autoresponders charge you based on price we do not. We allow an unlimited amount of contacts within your platform.

I don’t know a lot about email marketing will someone help me

Yes, If you need assistance go to your platform dashboard and click on helpdesk and open a support ticket and an email marketing specialist will reach out within 24-48 business hours.

How long does it take to get up and running.

We have a provision time of 24-72 business hours on all “Small Business” accounts. We have a 24-48 business hour provision time on all other accounts.

Does your system integrate with other platforms?

Yes we integrate a lot of platforms and content management systems. Ask a specialist about your specific requirements and how we can help.

What types of email marketing can I do with your platform

We are pretty open as to what we allow on our networks. We ask that you follow the Terms Of Service & Acceptable Use Policy. Please make sure to adhere to our guidelines to avoid account termination.

Can I import my list

Yes, we allow multiple formats for importing your contact list. The best method is through a Comma Delimited Value (.CSV).

What other features besides email marketing do you offer?

Our Automation Platform does a lot more than just email marketing. We offer survey, event generators, web forms and much more. A lot of our customers use our database as their CRM to manage customer data and interaction. Ask a specialist how CreateTheAD Automation Platform can work beyond email marketing in your specific case.

Are there any additional costs with using this platform

No, we provide everything under one house. Most companies will make you pay for the Email Relays (Each Email Sent) through an SMTP Relay Service and the use of their platform. We charge one fee and it includes everything under one roof. We are a one stop shop for Marketing Automation.

Do I have to have a domain name or website to use this platform

Yes, every account must be associated with a domain name. When you send emails it will arrive at your customers inbox as Name@YourBusiness.com so we have to verify you have permission to send from this domain.

How often can I send emails

You can send whenever you want. The platform does not limit your sending abilities except for the number of emails you send per month.

Do you have an autoresponder system

Most Email Marketing Automation Platforms are built around Email Autoresponders and provide features to compliment your autoresponder. Our Autoresponder has some of the most powerful features in the industry. We can provide personalization to emails, trigger based emailing, and so much more.

I have very specific needs when it comes to my campaigns will this system handle them.

While we can’t guarantee to have every feature your business needs we provide the majority of what every business needs to operate successfully plus much more to help them improve their business marketing efforts. Speak with an automation specialist to see if our system will work for your needs.

Do I have to be technically savvy to get up and running

Not at all. Most platforms can be daunting and difficult to understand resulting in a company having to hire a developer to manage their system. With CreateTheAD we provide a user friendly interface that allows you to manage your marketing efforts with ease. No advanced skills needed.

Do I have to purchase SMTP Relays to make this platform work

No, we are the platform and SMTP relay service. Once you sign up we take care of everything else.

What happens if I get caught spamming?

If a user is caught spamming we will terminate the account. If the account compromises our ability to send email or compromises other user accounts as a result of the SPAM or violations we might pursue legal action. SPAMMING customers is a crime (CAN-SPAM Law of 2013). Please make sure you are compliant with your email marketing efforts.

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