CAN-SPAM Compliance

We stay up to date on the law to ensure your emails are compliant, providing you with the tools to make them deliverable to the intended target.

One Click Unsubscribes

The “Insert Unsubscribe Link” button makes it easy to add an unsubscribe link to your email campaign, which is required by law in most countries.

Also, all unsubscribe requests are processed for you automatically giving you and your subscribers peace of mind.

“Do Not Mail” List

The built-in email suppression tool allows you to keep a list of contacts who shouldn’t (and won’t) be sent your emails under any circumstance.

Automatic Bounce Handling

Bounced emails (both soft and hard) are processed and removed from your list for you automatically, keeping your list clean.

You can also export a list of which email addresses bounced and see both soft and hard bounce details.

Double Opt-In Confirmation

Keep your list clean and follow best practices by requiring new subscribers to click a link in an email (generated and sent automatically) to verify they want to join your list.

Contact Details in Footer

Enter your complete company contact details which can be added to the footer of every email you send. This helps subscribers remember who you are and why they joined your list, and reduces the chance of your email being marked as spam.