Email Marketing can be very expensive, especially when you’re a small business. Created to meet the costly demands of marketing by providing the most cost-effective solution and the deliverability higher than any other email provider on the internet, CreateTheAD is quickly taking off as one of the most powerful email marketing solutions available today!
Our intention is to provide new and existing businesses with high-quality email tools that convert new and existing customers one email at a time at never before seen pricing and customer support, opening the door for many businesses who otherwise couldn’t afford a full-blown email marketing automation platform. CreateTheAD offers Email Marketing, Automation Marketing Campaigns, Powerful Analytics, Email Designer and many other email building tools.
– Corey Palmer
Chief Executive Officer

The Mission focuses on 2 primary areas: deliverability and pricing. Marketing should be accessible to all businesses including startups which is why we focus our efforts on lowering costs to below industry standard and revamping the entire marketing process. Typical email marketing automation platforms charge you for each contact you have inside your autoresponder, but we know this is a waste of money for inactive contacts. This is why we charge simply for what you use and allow you to store as many contacts as you need without extra costs associated. By doing this, we can allow our clients more flexibility to focus on marketing their business and not worry about how to increase their marketing budgets.
When it comes to deliverability, every email sent from CreateTheAD counts. Every email should hit the inbox which is why we focus on technologies that drive emails to their destination inbox and keep our emails out of the spam box, resulting in higher conversions, better analytics, and easier marketing. CreateTheAD has one of the highest deliverability rates in the industry over Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, MailGun etc. Our average client has open rates above 45% compared to the total average of 18%. We believe that every email is special which is why we cater to driving your marketing efforts forward with a platform that is effective, affordable, and simply a better choice.

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